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How I Use My Bullet Journal 2020

I have been wanting to write this post for quite a long time but, uh, procrastinating is my frenemy. We go along pretty well but it kills my productivity.

Anyway, as we are about to enter the final quarter of 2020, I finally sat down to write it. I am halfway through setting up my September spread.

Before I get into what's in my 2020 Bullet Journal, I would love to mention how I had the heart to finally get into bullet journaling.

I am not a planner person, but I love tracking a lot. For the year 2015 and 2016, I used to write the highlights of my days in the Gratitude journal only. But in 2017, I started using Doodle Collection's undated planner. Now, I had nothing to plan much, hence I started using it as a tracker.

In the monthly overview spread, I used to write the highlights of the day in a word or two. Then there were some ruled pages for each month in that planner, I used them for daily to-do lists. In 2018, I used another same planner from Doodle Collection, but I added a Year in Pixels to it at the end of the planner and used the rest of it as I did in 2017.

Now, for 2019, I had a Miniso's planner that my brother had bought for me. It was a plain planner with a ring binder, and loose sheets that were in sets of blank, square grid, and ruled pages. I skipped the to-do lists part in 2019. I, instead, used the first few pages to track my year in pixels, books read, movies watched, and online courses I took. I had also added an Instagram followers tracker and habit tracker to each month. So, this planner made me confident enough to buy my first bullet journal for 2020.

I ordered Menorah's Bullet Journal from Amazon and began planning what all to add in it.

Note that I still don't use my bullet journal for planning much. I mostly use it for tracking my days and this year, I planned on going a little extra in it.

For daily to-do lists and other planning, I started using Alicia Souza's 2020 planner which was gifted to me by my publisher.

So, here's a list of the pages/spreads that are in my Bullet Journal this year:

  1. Year in Pixels: You may learn more about year in pixels here. It looks so damn pretty once the year is over.
  2. 2020 Calendar
  3. Yearly Planner: Just an overview of important dates of the year like birthdays and anniversaries.
  4. Books to read: I still do not refer to this list when I have to pick a new book to read. I go by my intuition or mood.
  5. Reading Tracker: It's a track of the books I have read and includes the Title, name of the author, rating, and the date on which I finished reading a book.
  6. Shows/Movies Tracker: I hardly watch any shows or movies (waiting for season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to come on Netflix though), so I love tracking the ones I watch. I write the title, season, platform on which I streamed it, and the rating.
  7. Online Courses Tracker: It's a track of the online classes or courses that I take and includes title of the course, duration of the course I took to finish it, and rating.
  8. Travel Log: LOL. Didn't know it would remain eerily vacant this year.
  9. Festivals Tracker: Don't know why I even made this. But it turned out fun to write how a festival went in it.
  10. Blog Post Tracker: I track the title and date of posting my blog posts on this page. 
  11. Editing Log: This one is to track the books I have editing in this year.
  12. Journals I am Using: It's more like a list of my Journals I'm Currently Using blog post, so that I remember how many journals are in use.
  13. Milestones Achieved: This is for all the small or big milestones achieved, especially the ones that make me step out of my comfort zone, like the last one I mentioned was the first time I went live on Instagram in May.
  14. 2020 Goals... well, yeah working on them slowly.
Blog Post

After leaving a few blank pages, I started my monthly spreads in it. And this is what each monthly spread includes (serial wise):

  1. Header Page: includes the name of the month.
  2. To do, to read, and overview: To do is a list of monthly goals, to read is the monthly reading goals, and overview is like the summary of the month that I fill on the last day of each month.
  3. Monthly View: Over the next 5-6 pages runs the monthly view which includes 30-31 boxes, each for a day of the month, that I use to write daily highlights. I write what special or worth remembering/noting down happened in a day.
  4. Reminders: and deadlines for projects I am working on.
  5. One Line A Day: I end the day with a random quote or any sentence that comes to me at the time of writing on this page.
  6. Habits Tracker: to track my daily habits. You may look for sample habit trackers on Google or Pinterest.
  7. Instagram Followers Tracker: I write my Instagram followers' count each night in this one. It keeps me aware of how well my page is growing and if it needs any improvement.
  8. Monthly Highlights: This is the write anything special happens in the month.
  9. First two pages of a monthly spread
  10. Monthly Specials: a more concise form of highlights. These are the specials that I want to refer to even years and years later.

So, this is what's in my bullet journal. You don't necessarily have to use it the way others or I use it, find what works for you. Don't make all the monthly spreads in advance; keep experimenting each month. When I don't like something in a spread, I don't add it to the next month's spread. And that's what journaling is about–knowing what works best for you, in journaling and in life.

If you want to read more of my posts based on journaling, you may check them out here.

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