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11 Ways To Feel Good During Quarantine Without The Burden Of Being Productive

We don't know for how long the world is going to stay locked down and have you wondered how much the world would change after all this is over? What if the things we fret so much about right not cease to matter once everything opens up? Who knew that school, colleges, and offices could run entirely from home? Who knew that the world will revolve around only one thing one day? Who knew you'd be paying your helpers and do their work yourself? The world is in a weird phase right now. And while the Corona threat is real, it just deepens my faith in the unseen.

Now that the pressure of giving your best at school, college, or office has lowered, the same has increased to show off on social media and to use the quarantine time to be 'productive'. And it sucks! You do not have to beat yourself up if you fail to be productive during the quarantine. You don't have to spend all your energy beating the dalgona coffee to put a  picture of it on the internet just because all your friends are doing it (you sure may do that if you enjoy doing that). You don't have to binge-watch Money Heist from season 1 because of all the hype of season 4 (please do if that's what you enjoy). You don't have to sign up for that course online because your friends have signed up for it. My point is that you don't have to follow everything that's trending on social media to look cool or productive.

It's time to be productive BUT not at the cost of your mental or physical health. If you're self-isolating alone without any friends or family by your side, it's even tougher for you. Please do what feels good for your health, instead of trying to follow vain social media trends.

This list includes a lot of things that I already mentioned in my post How To Make The Most Of CoronoVirus Quarantine but with a change. Read on to know why:
  1. Read… and read what you like: novels? Go ahead. Children's books? Soothing. Harry Potter marathon? What are you waiting for? (Read here Why Adults Should Read Harry Potter) Read what soothes your soul. It's not necessary to read those self-help books, those business books, those self-improvement books, all those non-fictions that you read to be productive but don't enjoy them. I love reading non-fiction but I always read a fiction side-by-side so that there's a balance between the two and my mind doesn't get bored of either of them. 
  2. Cook simple meals. Is it just me or you too turn off a cooking tutorial mid-way looking at the never-ending list of ingredients? Please don't risk your life by stepping out to buy unnecessary ingredients. You can cook amazing meals even with the basic ingredients present in your kitchen. It's all about enjoying the process of cooking. Watching the water boil and change its colour when you throw in tea leaves. It's about talking your heart out with your partner while they help you in the kitchen preparing a simple meal of veggies, bread and rice.
    Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash
  3. Meditate because it gives you peace, not because your friends are doing it and you should do it their way. Workout because you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle not because you, like everyone else, have to upload workout videos. Don't make these fun and calming activities a burden with the pressure of perfection.
  4. Be engrossed in ART not to create any masterpieces, but for the fun of it. Play that musical instrument out of rhythm, draw that cartoon and laugh at it, throw random paints on the canvas, write that poem/story which makes sense to none except you, write that song like it'll never be released. Masterpieces are often born out of art created for soothing our soul, not with the purpose of selling. Art has this power to ease your heart and mind.
  5. Focus on making any one habit your priority. The one hobby that you think you’ll enjoy post-quarantine as well. But don’t overdo by trying to adopt too many hobbies all at once and end up creating a mess. 
  6. Give space to people at your home. See, we are not in the habit of having people around all the time, except maybe on weekends. It’s exhausting to be in the company of one person or the other 24*7. If someone wants to be left alone, allow them; leave them undisturbed, give them space, give them their ‘me time’, and do the same for yourself. Setting boundaries is important to keep your relationships balanced at this time. 
  7. Declutter your social media. It may not be a productive task, but it sure would be too calming and peaceful once you’ve rid your following tab on social media of all the pages that constantly post negative/hurtful content. Unfollow pages that make you question your existence, your self-worth, your self-esteem. What’s on screen is far different than what’s happening behind the scenes. Nobody captured their mess in their camera and post it online. Besides, it’s also fun to cut down such pages from your feed. 
    Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash
  8. Learn to be kind to yourself. If you really want to do something, then get into the habit of keeping yourself hydrated and eating clean. With eating-out now out of the option, we have an amazing chance to cut down on the junk altogether.
    Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
  9. Start a journal and no, I am not talking about self-reflection or writing your thoughts or gratitude or prompts... I am talking about just randomly, aimlessly, carelessly yet loudly filling the pages of your journal with words, scribbles, doodles, drawing, seriously whatever the hell you want to put in it. Make it your space and let the mess be on paper, not in your head.
  10. Learn things that may or may-not-be useful for you post-quarantine but you are interested in learning. For example, you love astrology or numerology but never had time to learn more about it and now when you’ve time, you’re under the burden of studying courses that are centred around your career. Don’t give in to what others want you to do or study. Do what brings you peace and joy.
  11. Make a list of things/people that bring you joy and do more of them. Make another list of things/people that drain your energy and make your distance from them.

The world is taking a break and you have the permission to take one too.
Take care. Stay safe.


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