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Many years back, someone inspired me to write poems and I never looked back. Now when people tell me that my words inspired them to start writing, I feel nothing but purely blessed. Even if you don't write yet, anyone—I repeat anyone—can be a writer. No matter what language you write in, if you have got something to tell and you can ink it well, you are a writer. When I started my writing journey, writing prompts were the best tool I had to polish my skills. I still write using prompts and I love them. So, I thought why not make prompts of my own and share them with you all. If this book turns out to be useful for, at least, one of you, my efforts put into the book will be paid off. (A simpler version of the book is now also available on Kindle worldwide. Check the link at the end of this page) Know that you don't have to be a writer to write but writing makes you a writer. You don't have to only write poems, you can write anything. You don't have to write only in Engli

How To Make The Most of CoronaVirus Quarantine (Besides Work From Home)

Does it suck being trapped indoors? Introverts have been living this lifestyle since forever. There's a lot you can do indoors and make your time productive. I wrote this post right after I posted this tweet on my IG story.

I was planning on posting a quick carousel post on my Instagram but I thought of posting it on the blog as well, and there's no way I was going to wait till next Saturday to post it. I have listed some things below that you can do to make your quarantine time more useful and a little less boring.

1. Self-reflection: Take out your journal and your favourite pen (or open your notes app), put on some soothing music, and journal your way to happiness. Make lists such as gratitude list (things/people you're grateful for), list of your achievements, list of things bothering you, your bucket list, list of 100 things you want, or just go to Pinterest and lookup for endless journal ideas.
Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

2. Binge-watch your favourite or any new series: I need not explain this, do I?

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

3. Pick up a hobby you'd been putting off since long: Drawing, painting, crafts, musical instrument? So many things to do, so little time. Go to Skillshare, Udemy or even Youtube and learn something you wanted to learn since long but didn't have time to.

4. Read: This is especially for those having a shelf filled with unread books and keep piling up new books on it. Nothing is more soothing and productive than reading, be it fiction or non-fiction. Here's a list of my best reads of 2019.
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

5. Make a vision board: A vision board is a visual representation of your life goals. You can either create a vision board with cut out/printed images of things you want to achieve or you can use apps like Canva for making a collage of photos of your goals. Here's how you can make a digital vision board.

6. Declutter: Organise your room, your phone gallery, your apps, your documents, your stuff... anything that's messed up right now.

7. Cook something new: it may sound boring to some but it's really fun to try your hands on something you've never cooked before. (Don't put the house on fire, newbies).

8. Listen to podcasts: why not use this time for filling up your mind with some more knowledge about a subject that interests you? Spotify is full of amazing podcasts.
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

9. Meditate and relax: Meditation can instantly help you relax even when the Corona threat is stressing you up. If you're afraid of catching the virus, replace your fears with positive affirmations.

Hope this helps. Take care, people. Be safe and take proper preventive measures.


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