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Here's The Key To Writing What Others Would Love To Read

We all have read these wise words by Toni Morrison: "if there's a book that you want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." How simple, yet how complicated.

The key to writing content that others would love to read is to write what you love writing; to write for yourself first.

The day you start writing to make others happy by keeping your happiness aside, you'll start compromising with your creativity. What I mean by this is that people would hardly ever love something that has been created half-heartedly. Write for people, yes... but write for yourself first. Find your style instead of trying to learn and imitate others' styles. Write on topics that interest you even if the whole world find them mundane, weird or illogical. Maybe the way you present those topics might make them interesting to everyone who sees them through your art.

To write what your heart wants to write, you have got to sit with your writing tools in a disturbance-free room and let your heart do the talking with the paper. If you let the opinion of others speak through your mind, your heart will never find its voice–your original voice.
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I do write daily (I have been facing writer's block lately though) but not even a percent of it makes it to my Instagram because a lot of it is too personal and the rest is not worth sharing or I just cannot convince my heart to share it.

People would never like everything you write. You, yourself, won't like a lot of stuff that you write but you have still got to keep writing–no matter good or bad–as long as your heart feels ecstatic every time you put words on paper.

I do not think about what people want me to write, I just keep observing and keep creating even in my mind because ideas can strike at any time, anywhere. I do not share on social media what people want me to share, I share according to my moods, according to what I find worth sharing. And I share after editing a piece until I am satisfied with the final version. Sometimes, I like a piece and people don't, but that doesn't make me stop liking that piece. And vice versa.
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We all have a story to tell; we hide them as bits and pieces in fiction; we observe and read other people, we create characters out of them. Nobody can see the world through your eyes, so you take the help of fiction to tell those untold stories. Some people see their own stories in your words, they find your art relatable and that, my dear artist, is your best compliment. It's easy to entertain people with art, it's not easy to make them feel like you stepped into their shoes to create that art. Music soothes people, but they find their home in the lyrics.

When you are true to yourself, when you have all the fun creating, when you create to make yourself happy, there's nothing in the world that can stop your art from touching the hearts of other people.