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9 Ways To Stay Determined To Achieve Your Dreams

"How to maintain your will power for achieving your dreams?" It's one of the questions I received on Instagram when I had asked my readers what do they wish to see on my blog.

We have ideas, we have goals, we have plans, we have all that's required to achieve a dream but what if we aren't determined enough to put our plan into action? Will power is one of the most important factors that decide whether or not we'll get our success. I am no expert but here are 9 ways that you may follow to stay determined to achieve your dreams.

1. Remember Why You Started

If you have a dream, you sure have a purpose behind it. Remind yourself each day why you started. What's your driving force? Are you passionate about your dream? What makes you passionate about it? Choose a goal that's backed by love and passion, not ego or pressure of someone else.

2. Be Aware of Self

Study yourself as much as you can. Self-awareness is necessary to stay on track in life. Know what brings you joy, what stresses you out, what are your joy-killers; know what motivates you, what inspires you, what makes you procrastinate; know which hours of the day are your most productive hours... the list is endless. You may look up for self-discovery journal prompts on Google and you'd start asking yourself questions that you didn't know you should ask.

3. Take Care of Yourself

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Do light exercise and meditations to keep your physical and mental health well. Let go of things you cannot control. Maintain healthy relationships and make a distance from naysayers. Eat well and avoid foods that make you lethargic (need to follow this myself).

4. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

Be kind to yourself. You missed a deadline, you missed a goal, things didn't go as planned... so what? Set a new deadline, work again on that goal, do something with a back-up plan, do anything to fix the matter instead of blaming self or feeling unworthy. Remember, trying again is always a solution and self-blame is never one.

Besides this, try not to overdo something. You have to be passionate about your goal but you cannot ruin your physical, mental or emotional health by doing more than your body allows. Pushing your limits is one thing and abusing your limits is another. Know the difference. You don't want to start hating your pursuit, do you?

5. Stop Looking For Overnight Success

How many people do you remember out of those who became overnight internet sensations? Hardly any, right? The success that comes fast is often lost just as fast. Take small, significant steps. Each milestone you cross will take you closer to your desired results.

6. Brain Dump and Scheduling

Prioritise your tasks, make a schedule and stick to it. Often times, there's a lot going on in our head and we cannot make out what we should focus on and what not. Take a piece of paper, a notepad, or anything you find lying near you. Dump all your thoughts on it. No, you don't have to explain your thoughts (although you definitely can if you want to). Just make points of everything that's on your mind at that moment. Then look at your list, categorise your thoughts into, say, your worries, tasks to do, things that need your urgent attention, etc. And lastly, prioritise the points you mentioned on the list. Our thoughts are clearer on paper than in our head.

7. Surround Yourself with Dreamers

By dreamers, I mean the ones who dream and work hard to achieve their dreams, because you know, dreaming without taking an action won't take you anywhere.
I love it when someone around me achieves their goals. It inspires me to achieve mine. Look at people's success, applaud them, be inspired to do well yourself. Never be jealous of others' success. That's just unhealthy for you alone, no one else. If they can achieve something, so can you.

8. Believe In Yourself

Even if the whole world thinks that you can't, believe that you can. Your beliefs make you, not theirs. Know that one day or the other, you will see yourself where you aspire to be or maybe even in a better place. What you feed your mind, heart and soul becomes your reality.
Photo by Katrina on Unsplash
Visualize and imagine where do you want to be in a month, in a year, or even five years. Does your imagination make you happy? If yes, keep going. If your answer is no, change your thoughts and imagine where you'd be happy to see yourself in future.

9. Enjoy The Process

Lastly, the destination isn't worth the effort if you don't enjoy the journey. You can't achieve a goal that makes you miserable. It's a long way and you have to make every moment of it fun and enjoyable. Even the pain that comes from working hard feels good when you enjoy the process and remain detached from the results. Let the Universe unfold its blessings as you walk on the path of your dreams.


  1. 4th point is something that I love you for! You've normalised taking breaks and rest in this hustling world ♡

    1. People who try to show they work a lot just by being busy still remain unproductive.


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