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Why Do We Sometimes Feel That God Doesn’t Love Us?

Whenever I post something on my Instagram about God's love, people start commenting or messaging, saying things like:
"What if God doesn't love me?"
"How do we know if God loves us or not?"
"But God doesn't love me!"
"God doesn't exist."
I understand what these people mean. And for those who say that God doesn't exist, it's okay. Maybe you don't believe in God and that's alright as long as you don't demean other people's faith and belief. We all have different beliefs and respecting each other's views is the best thing we can do to honour our Creator.

Coming back to why we often find ourselves questioning God's love for us. It's because we look for love outside. We fail to feel God's love not because God doesn't love us but because we forget to fill ourselves with love and keep seeking it from other people. God doesn't fail to love us, we stop loving ourselves.

Law of attraction says that we create our reality. But when we go through a dark phase due to constantly being on low-frequency energies, we start blaming God for throwing tough times in our face. And again, we start questioning His love for us instead of seeking His guidance. There's a lot of darkness out there but if we take a moment and focus within; if we fill ourselves with love and light despite what's happening on the outside, we will feel God's love. God loves everyone equally. It's just that we lack in placing our faith in God, and then, we end up blaming God. Do we ever take a moment to look at our thoughts and actions? Do we try to be just happy without any reason, by thinking that everything is under God's control and nothing can go wrong? We bring tough times on us by filling ourselves up with fears and worries. While I know it's really difficult to put them aside altogether but at least, our faith in God helps us overcome them.

God loves each creature He created and why would God let us go through the dark if He doesn't intend to end the dark tunnel in the light? But it's also important for us to grow through the dark. Pain comes to teach us lessons that we wouldn't learn otherwise. If we learn to be grateful to God for everything that happens in our life, not only our life would become happier but we will also start recognising and acknowledging God's love. There was a phase in my life when even I had started questioning God's love but it was also the time when I was able to overcome the dark after I had restored my faith in God.
"Miracles happen when you place all your faith in God."


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