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Live in the present... But Know What It Means

Living in the present. Isn't it the best thing we can do for ourselves, for our mental, physical and emotional health? But what if we stop caring about future altogether, or forget all that our past taught us while mindlessly following the mantra of 'living in present'?

We should enjoy the present but we should be careful about how our present is shaping our future. We wouldn't commit a mistake intentionally if we're aware of its consequences. And since thinking about consequence means thinking about the future, we need to take the future into account before we take an action in the present. Live in the moment, enjoy it, make it your best of the past but never forget to have something to look forward to in the future. Never repeat a mistake because you already once did it in the past and you know your lesson now. Future and past may or may not be illusions but our life is not; what we have learned is not; what opportunities we can have in our future are not.
Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

Imagine if you're about to do something that you would regret in future but you have heard 'live in the present' enough to be wanting to do it regardless of the consequences, would you do it? You may not because that expected future would be your present someday and you would have to live in that moment too. Living in the present does not mean you would do anything that comes to your mind. Living in the present is about mindfulness of what is happening in this moment, about knowing how your present is shaping your future, about not being anxious about what you cannot control, about not messing up things that are already under control, about not being depressed about what went wrong in the past, about making this moment great by doing things that make you happy and are harmless for you and others.

Living in the present means making the NOW better so that you do not ruin your future, and your now becomes better when you keep in mind the lessons that you learned from the past.

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