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TinyChange 2020 Better Living Calendar Review

The decade is coming to an end and 2020 is just around the corner. Almost all of us are busy planning for the next year—be it buying the perfect planner that fulfils all your needs or setting up your bullet journals, goals and plans, or deciding resolutions that none of us ever stick to. So, if you’re one of those who do not like keeping planners or journals and yet want an organised, better life then this TinyChange 2020 Better Living Calendar is for you!

I mean who knew that a calendar could not only mark our important dates but work as both a planner and a tracker? And not to forget the better living tips that come in this calendar. I fell in love with it as soon as I received it and flipped through its pages. Mine is a wall calendar with dimensions: 34x24cm, but it also comes as a desk calendar which is smaller and sits perfectly on your desktop.

Let’s get started with the review:

1. Cover 

First of all, I love love love the cover. It’s so pretty. The colours are amazing. Everyone who knows me is aware of my love for mountains and I could not love the cover more. It has these positive vibes, you know, they remind of me both—to conquer whatever mountains stand on my way as obstacles and to travel to mountains more often (though I don’t really need the reminder for the latter).

2. First Page

It is actually very thoughtful to dedicate each letter of ‘BETTER LIVING’ to each month and giving each letter a theme to work on each month. So, there are 12 themes for 12 months. It also has a yearly planner where you can write down the tiny change you plan on making each day. It says: “Read through the 12 monthly BETTER LIVING themes and identify the tiny changes you plan to introduce in your life in each of these key areas. Write them down here and commit to doing it!”

3. Monthly Planner and Better Living Tips

Now coming to the main part—The Monthly spreads. It has two face pages. The one is dedicated to 5 tiny changes that can make a great impact in the area of your life that the monthly theme targets on improving. Each month comes with a different theme and 5 tips for each theme, hence you get to make 60 tiny changes over a period of 12 months that will make the rest of your life better.

The monthly spread covers all that is most important in a tracker/planner. If you see a minimalist’s planner, you would find these things for sure. It has spots to fill your reminders, deadlines and tasks. It has a neat ‘notes’ section with plenty of space to keep your important notes for a month. It also has previous and next months’ mentioned in the bottom right corner. And what came as a surprise was habits tracker! It’s so cool to have a habit tracker on the calendar itself. Though there is space for only 4 habits but you can track the most important habits on it like drinking enough water, medicines, etc. I simply love the layout!

4. Final Pages

At the end of the calendar are a 2020 Calendar at a Glance and a 2020 key activities scheduler that helps you keep a track of your yearly commitments easily in one place. 

I love the concept of this Calendar that is so much more than just days and dates with a bunch of pictures like most calendars. A tiny change today can change your tomorrow amazingly.

We are giving away these TinyChange Calendars to two lucky winners. Head over to my Instagram @meetlife240 to participate in the giveaway.

Have a blessed, successful and great 2020!


  1. I know why you fell in love with this calendar 😁 I want this 😍😍😍


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