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Book Review: Unheard Verses by Tiasa Ray

Title: Unheard Verses
Author: Tiasa Ray
Format: Hardback (139 Pages)
Genre: Poetry

'Unheard Verses' by Tiasa Ray is such a beautiful read. I was hooked to the book right when I read the opening verse of the book. Each and every poem is so relatable and very beautifully crafted. If you're an artist or a one-sided lover, this book will win your heart. 

'Unheard Verses' is a quick read but I took my time to savour the essence of each poem. I have too many favourites and I will mention some of them in this review. I also love the font that's used for the title of the poems; it's cute. This book is a treat to the senses. The quality of the book is really good as well.

The language used is simple, beautiful and effective and that's what I loved the most. There are poems about love, loss, loneliness, embracing solitude, and finding peace and comfort in art. These are my favourites from the book: He, Lost, Till Now, Coffee, Thoughts of You, You'll be Remembered, Alone, Mother, Muse, Voices. I found the poem titled 'It's Okay' relatable on a different level.

My favourite lines are from the poem titled 'Pretensions':

"Oh! All the pretensions
will fade away eventually 
when the time plays
its game of inevitability." 
-Tiasa Ray

The cover art and the illustrations are all done by the author herself and I LOVE THEM. The cover, again, is simple and classy. The illustrations are so pretty and cute, I fell in love with them. Here's one of my favourites:

The book ends with an unsent letter and it is the best part of the book. The letter has that melancholic, poetic feel in it. It's truly touching and heartwarming. A letter of a one-sided lover for a man whom she saw only once in her life years ago and fell in love with him such that he became the muse behind her every artwork. A letter that she never sent.

You'll surely love the book like I did. You may buy your copy from here or DM her on Instagram @tiasaray for a signed copy.


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