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Book Review: A Night Under The Shooting Star

A Night Under The Shooting Star published by Artson Publishing House is a beautiful collection of poems by four poets from India and Germany. They are Miriam Otto, Chirag Kumar, Mandeep Singh and Dhruv Anurag Khurana. All four poets have a unique style and they all excel in their respective styles.

Miriam Otto creates strong imagery with her words. Her poems are about life, nature, the importance of now, self-love and something as simple and as vital as breathing. Her poems make you believe in the magic of yourself and in the magic of life. The poems of her that I loved the most are Bliss; Detecting The Alchemist; and Land of Fear.

Dhruv Anurag Khurana writes about life and experiences. His poems are long but they keep you hooked till the end, more so because you can read some of your own experiences too in them. The poems I loved by him are The Lesson: From School; I Know, Everything (this one moved me to tears, literally); Salt and Memories; and The Sword.

Chirag Kumar is the only poet with Hindi poems in the book and his first poem "मैं चिराग हूँ... " is itself an amazing one. He writes about love and the issues faced by the society. My favourites from him are "ख़ामोश आवाज़ें" and "आदत". I am not well-versed with some of the Hindi/Urdu words used in the poems and thus, I cannot write much about their beauty. However, I am sure that a lover of Hindi poetry will fall in love with his poems.

Mandeep Singh, a veteran Army Officer, plays well with words and knows how to beautify pain through his poems. His short and heart-touching poems about love, loss and heartbreak could not give a better ending to the book. Each of his poems is worth reading and re-reading, so I'm not mentioning any of my favourites here as it is too difficult to choose and name a few.

The book A Night Under The Shooting Star can indeed be a perfect companion while you spend a night under the moon and stars, where you want nothing except peace and the magic of words.

The book is available on Amazon, to buy Click here.

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