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Fuzia: Global Community Exclusively For Women

6 years ago, an 11-year old girl learned that she had inspired a 6-year-old girl to write her own book, and from there sprung the idea of Fuzia. Riya Sinha, the founder of Fuzia and the author of The Runaway Twins, always wanted to do something to encourage women to pursue their dreams and share their talent with the world. Thus, she created Fuzia (www.fuzia.com), an all-women online platform where women from around the world share their talents with other women. The website was initially created for writers but now it supports writers, painters, photographers, Youtubers and artists of all sorts. Let’s take a look at what Fuzia is all about.
What started as “Fuzia Writing Club” in 2012 has now become a global platform helping girls pursue their dreams and supports the talent of every kind be it writing, painting, photography, singing or any other talent.
Riya Sinha, Founder, Fuzia (left) and Shraddha Varma, Co-founder, Fuzia (right)

Founding Members, Fuzia: (L to R) Riya Kumar, Ria Singhal and Sakshi Shrivastava

The core team of Riya Sinha (Founder, Palo Alto, US), Shraddha Varma (Co-Founder, Mumbai, India) and Riya Kumar (Mumbai, India), Ria Singhal (Kanpur, India) and Sakshi Shrivastava (Bhopal, India) [Founding Members] dedicate their time daily on building and marketing Fuzia so that it reaches all the women who can benefit from it. Their focus is on global marketing, management of the team, PR and networking along with website engagement. Additionally, to make Fuzia more interesting for the users, the team also works on holding new campaigns and contests almost every week, generating riveting content and working on member relations to build a strong community.

Fuzia aims at making the web-experience for women free of online abuse and harassment. They aim at making each woman financially empowered. Fuzia is a platform where their voices will reach a wider audience and receive the recognition they deserve. The name ‘Fuzia’ is a modification of the term ‘fusion’ to make it more fun and interesting as Fuzia brings together women of different cultures with similar or different talents from around the globe on one platform.

Fuzia also has the feature of Fuzia Counsellor where women/girls can find advice on myriads of matters whenever they are in need of it. They can receive advice regarding emotional, psychological, academic, personal or any other issues. Fuzia is also working on providing freelancing projects so that women can become financially independent. For now, a number of contests are organised with cash or other prizes. 

Unlike Instagram, it’s not a game of hashtags or like for like or follow for follow. An artist receives genuine recognition and feedback from Fuzia users for their work. They can meet like-minded people and start discussions through Fuzia chat-box and public channels. 

The Fuzia Lounge is your timeline where you see recent posts from your friends and other Fuzia users. You can sort posts by categories and see only the ones that are relevant to you. You can also create your post by clicking on ‘Add Post’ and submitting your artwork or video. You sure will receive a warm feedback from other users and get an appreciation for your work. 

Fuzia is now a community with more than 3.5 million followers from all over the globe and growing bigger each day. Fuzia now has more than 10,000 registered users from more than 35 countries and they have shared on Fuzia more than 15,000 creative works. Fuzia app for iOS users has also been launched and is now available for free on App store. 

Riya Sinha, the founder of Fuzia was recently awarded the “Iconic Teen Entrepreneur and Innovator” award at Women’s Economic Forum in Canada.

"Women empowering other women" puts a smile on my face, and Fuzia is all about smiles, talent and growth. Sign up on Fuzia: www.fuzia.com