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Book Review: Amazing Grace by Bernard D'sa

Amazing Grace by Bernard D'sa is the book that shows you the right path when you feel stuck in life, the book that shows you the brighter side of dark times, the book that lets you find happiness lurking in the adverse situations, the book that tells you that fear lies only in your head, and what else do we need to know to lead a life full of opportunities and positivity?
The book has a collection of short-stories that end with thought provoking morals. Some of my favorites among them are Difference in Perspectives, Shark Bait, Locked Mind, and Who is Wrong?
Then there's a chapter titled Evergreen Wisdom which is a list of wise sayings and my favorite among them is: "One gains immunity against poison when exposed to it regularly."
Amazing Grace also has a collection of words of wisdom from those who didn't give up and achieved their dreams. And there are inspirational excerpts from famous speeches of legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Walt Disney. The chapter titled The ABCD of Productive Living is the one that I think we all ought to learn by heart.
Amazing Grace portrays the importance of family, friends, gratitude, God, dreams, prayers, and self-love in our life. It's a book that will change your perspective towards life, making you love life a little more. This book will help you grow as a person and make you capable of differentiating between what is wrong and what is right!
The title of the book perfectly suits the content of the book and is indeed amazing! The cover is catchy and lively. 
Amazing Grace is available in both paperback and hardcover on Amazon India and Only Book Shop. You may as well enjoy this book on your Kindle device/app.


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