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Blind Trust... What is That?

We often come across these two words: Blind Trust, so often that these words seem to have lost their meaning. But what does blind trust mean? Let me tell you, it simply means "I accept your lies because I better stay blind to harsh realities." Not everyone is blessed with the capability to handle the truth gracefully, not everyone is wise enough to get hurt with truth than to stay happy with the lies. For me, there's no such thing as blind trust. We cannot trust anyone blindly, even our own intuition ends up lying to us sometimes; how can you trust other people... that too blindly? The answer is simple, you cannot!

The person whom you would 'blindly' trust with your life might be the same person who would end up stabbing your back someday. The difference between trust and blind trust is quite same as the difference between confidence and over-confidence. Confidence builds you, over-confidence breaks you. Likewise, It's good to trust yourself, your loved ones, but you can never trust anyone blindly ever because once that blind-fold from your eyes is removed, you will be broken into uncountable pieces. 

I have seen people breaking so-called blind trust of the person who loved them the most and whom they loved the most. Where the hell is trust if you're cheating on someone? The people who deny to hear truth claiming that they blindly trust someone are actually afraid to face reality. Blind trust is just a word behind which they hide their fears; the fear of facing the truth, the fear of being introduced to the reality, the fear of losing that person, but is it worth keeping that person in life who breaks your trust? Or deep down, you had never trusted them and thus took refuge in giving your ignorance the name of blind trust? 

For me, there's no such thing as blind-trust. I trust people who love me, but I blindly trust none, not even myself. And to those who say that they blindly trust someone, c'mon remove your blindfolds and be brave enough to face the truth.


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