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The Love I Believe In

I believe in the kind of love where your hearts feel that you've known each other since forever when you meet for the first time. A love that needs no confession, no language, no words... just a connection of souls and everything else falls into place. The old troubled relationships (even the long-term ones) comes to an end when the two souls really meant for each other meet finally and a new beginning is marked with the meeting of the souls. There's a connection so deep that it conquers all troubles, a love where two people connect at a higher level. There's no constant urge to impress one another, because they already accept each other, just the way they already are. It's a love so mature that it doesn't need a show off of your feelings, they are visible in your eyes, unlike puppy-love wherein, there are feelings and emotions but somewhere it lacks that connection which is found in mature love.