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Many years back, someone inspired me to write poems and I never looked back. Now when people tell me that my words inspired them to start writing, I feel nothing but purely blessed. Even if you don't write yet, anyone—I repeat anyone—can be a writer. No matter what language you write in, if you have got something to tell and you can ink it well, you are a writer. When I started my writing journey, writing prompts were the best tool I had to polish my skills. I still write using prompts and I love them. So, I thought why not make prompts of my own and share them with you all. If this book turns out to be useful for, at least, one of you, my efforts put into the book will be paid off. (A simpler version of the book is now also available on Kindle worldwide. Check the link at the end of this page) Know that you don't have to be a writer to write but writing makes you a writer. You don't have to only write poems, you can write anything. You don't have to write only in Engli

A Mother She Is

A Mother She Is

She is delicate,
Yet fierce,
She is weak,
Yet strongest,
She cries too often,
Yet went smilingly through 
the most severe pain.
She is the divinest
Form of womanhood,
A mother she is.

Her softest touch makes
Her baby feel protected and safe.
When she feels any danger
Approaching her little beloved,
She becomes as fierce as blaze.
Her little one's smile
Makes her go weak at the knees,
Her kid's achievements are 
Her strength and her pride.
Seeing her kid hurt,
Tears roll down her cheeks,
She smiled widest when,
After going through agonising pain,
She gave birth to him

There's nothing she can't do,
Because a mother she is,
The divinest form of womanhood.

-Shilpa Goel