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How To Grow Your Writing Account on Instagram

The question that I receive the most on Instagram is how I grew my account to 60k followers. First of all, those who have been following me since years know that it wasn’t overnight. It took me three years to get there but it was only during the last year that I learned how to beat the IG algorithm and make my content reach more people. Secondly, all my following is organic. Buying followers is a direct act of sabotaging your account, your algorithm and even your art. I will talk about the cons of buying followers later in this post but first, I am sharing some things that helped me grow from 700 followers to 60k in a year.  I began writing on IG at the end of December 2015, and till March 2017, I had no clue how important it is to switch to a business profile and get the insights of our account. So, until May 2017, I had reached only 300 followers. Now, I had a business profile, I could see insights but still, my page was growing at a snail’s pace. I used to follow all these fe

A Mother She Is

A Mother She Is

She is delicate,
Yet fierce,
She is weak,
Yet strongest,
She cries too often,
Yet went smilingly through 
the most severe pain.
She is the divinest
Form of womanhood,
A mother she is.

Her softest touch makes
Her baby feel protected and safe.
When she feels any danger
Approaching her little beloved,
She becomes as fierce as blaze.
Her little one's smile
Makes her go weak at the knees,
Her kid's achievements are 
Her strength and her pride.
Seeing her kid hurt,
Tears roll down her cheeks,
She smiled widest when,
After going through agonising pain,
She gave birth to him

There's nothing she can't do,
Because a mother she is,
The divinest form of womanhood.

-Shilpa Goel