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Book Review: Broken Verses by Aziz

Title: Broken Verses
Author: Aziz
Publisher: Raindrops Company
                 Paperback, 50 Pages

Blurb: Broken Verses was born out of brokenness - brokenness of the heart, the soul and that love which died young and tender. We meet love at various crossroads of life, sometimes it lives with us, and sometimes it leaves us. But no matter what, it lives within us. ALWAYS. Every poem in this book is an exploration of the love that left us but did not quite leave us. It is the love that awakens in the dark hours of the night; it is the ghost that haunts us in the early morning.

Review: It's not often that I review books but, this one book made me write a review because the poems are so beautiful that as you read them, your heart falls in love with them even before you know it. The language is simple and relatable, the one that enters your heart easily, the one that makes you feel that the poet is actually speaking to you, the one that contains the essence of raw emotions yet presents the poems well. And I am a lover of such poems. As soon as I read the first poem in the book, For Mom which is poet's dedication towards his mother, I knew that this is my kind of book, and of course, I was not disappointed. It's hard to keep me hooked to a book but yes, it did. Each and every poem profoundly describes love, relationships, failed relationships, unrequited love and the pain of lost love. The poem titled The Date is a poem whose end hits you hard. It's a short poem but with a painful end and I absolutely love this poem. There are famous quotes in the book after each poem which enhance the beauty of poems.
It was hard to choose some of favourites because I had truly ticked almost every poem as my favourites. In the poem, The Terrorist, poet says it all in one line, "Her love is my JIHAAD". Isn't this line irreplaceable? Another favourites are Eyes, What is love? and then, there's a poem titled Story of Unrequited Love that ends with these beautiful lines, 
"Because the love that lasts longest, 
Is the love that's never returned." 
Poem Long Wait tells the emotions of a lover who lost his loved one and waits to meet her in heaven. One poem that I loved the most is Two Types of Love. It's a little longer compared to other poems in the book, but it amazingly describes the difference between pain of a failed relationship and that of a relationship which you could never live, be it because it was one-sided or because you two never had a chance to be together. These are just a few poems I mentioned here, every poem in Broken Verses is worth reading and re-reading. I would surely give it 5 out of 5 stars, but I wish it had more poems. Thanks for writing down the Broken Verses that are indeed perfectly penned.

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  1. It couldn't be described any better.I am happy to know that you loved my book and i shows in your review.Thank you so much for your time and beautiful words.


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