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Book Review- Yoga: From the Ganges To Wall Street

Yoga: From The Ganges to Wall Street by Radhika Khanna is not just another book bearing yoga poses and postures, but it tells a lot more about yoga. Radhika Khanna is an Indian-American fashion designer, entrepreneur and author. She believes in living life to the fullest and achieving dreams, but in order to do that, one should not ignore body and health.

From The Ganges To Wall Street for me a complete guide to yoga. It begins with yoga and it's history. For anyone who, until now, thought yoga came with arrival of Baba Ramdev (like I thought *laughs*), you so need to read this book. The book simply describes the history of yoga in India, and tells how yoga led to discovery of true-self. Author shows the connection between yoga and ancient Hindu Gods, but it's not confined only to Hinduism, author goes beyond that in history of yoga. Book explains how in ancient times, yoga helped individuals achieve self-awareness and the connection between the divine and oneself. The pictures of ancient yogic sculptures in the book are fascinatingly beautiful.

I thank author for explaining the concept of Purusha and Prakriti so well. Up until now, I was so confused with this concept, and it went over my head whenever I heard these words on a mythological show. Now, I know what these are.

My favourite term in the book is 'Monkey mind', a restless mind that keep jumping from one thought to another like a monkey. I do have a monkey mind, and the book is going to help me still it.

The author has well-written about Hath Yoga, Mantras, Chakras, today's yoga styles, and also, the asanas and their significance. There are some interesting facts that blew my mind.

The best thing in the book is the 'Seven Day Yoga Practice' or the weekly routine. With this, you can practice yoga everyday with little effort and little time. Quoting from the book,"practicing a little everyday is better than practicing once or twice a week." They are easy to follow yoga poses beginning from standing poses on Monday to Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation) on Sunday. 

The books tells the significance of aarti, candle light meditation, and energy channels. And then, there is 'Yoga for Professionals', these are simple poses that you can perform anywhere. They help relieve everyday stress and help in energising the body and mind.

Whenever we catch a disease, we first try to find a home remedy, don't we? This book contains a chapter on 'Natural Cures'. Aromatherapy and Naturopathy for several diseases are given in the book that can help cure diseases without any side-effects. 

The books ends with a chapter on 'Yogic Food by Master Chef Vikas Khanna'. Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand. Along with a list of spices and their benefits, there are recipes for healthy yet delicious beverages, breakfast and light meals by 5 times Michelin Starred Chef Vikas Khanna in the book.

I loved the book and I am sure anyone who reads it, will love it too.

Here's the link to Amazon, in case you wish to buy the book: Yoga: From The Ganges To Wall Street


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