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Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot.

When I finished reading 'The Princess Diaries: Ten out of ten' this February, I was left heart-broken because I thought there will be no more instalments in The Princess Diaries series and thus, it was an end to Princess Mia stories. But soon, I came to know about the release of Royal Wedding and I was truly jumping with joy. These are the books I can never put down once I start reading, and are obviously among my most favourite novels.

If you haven't read the first ten books in the series, then initially you may face difficulty in catching up with story, but as you keep reading, the characters are briefly introduced, and so is what happened in Mia's past. But if you've seen only the movies, it can be a bit difficult. I have only seen the first movie and though it was hilarious, I didn't find any good connection between the books and the movie. Some characters' names were changed too, Mia's step father and her bodyguard's name for instance.

Anyway, Royal Wedding is a complete package. You laugh, you cry, it gives you surprises and shocks, and of course the heart-melting love story of Mia and Michael. He, indeed, is World's Best Boyfriend as claimed by Mia. I never laughed in all ten books as much as I laughed in this book alone. Meg Cabot's humour at its best.

The biggest shock came to me in the first three pages of the book itself and I can't resist revealing it here. Mia's step-dad, Frank Gianini aka Mr. Gianini passed away due to a congestive heart failure. I really adored his character for he was always there for Mia and her mom. Nevertheless, it led Mia to open a community centre for teens in his name. And good news is that Mia's dad finally found someone he whole-heartedly loves and is ready to do anything for her (you so got to read the book to find out). Most interesting parts of the books are how Michael proposes Mia, and the discovery of Mia's long-lost sister who is simply adorable and quite intelligent according to her age.

Lars, the character loved by all and one. Everyone should have a partner like Michael and a bodyguard (if needed) like Lars. They're so amazing. Grandmére, hah! Who can ever describe her? She never changed and I love her the way she is. At the end, it's her teachings and princess lessons that help Mia. I can't remember they helped her in Royal Wedding but yes, Mia realised their importance. 

J.P., Ridiculous he is! He's still not left Mia at peace with her friends and family. There are so many revelations and surprises throughout the book. Some were predictable but one was totally unexpected, that I could not guess even though I had already read the last page of the book (that's my silly habit to read the last 2-3 pages as soon as I am half way through a book). 

I just wanted to read one more, and then one more page before putting down the book. I loved it beyond words. For me, Meg Cabot is a literary Rockstar. Now, I am going to do myself a favour by ordering 'From The Notebooks of a Middle School Princess' by Meg Cabot.