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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day... The most beautiful day of the year. A day that should be celebrated every single day.
On this day, sharing with you all, my first ever poem written for my mom, titled "The Magic Masala" ☺

A perfect word for my mum,
That's suggested by my mann.
'The Magic Masala', Yes, is the perfect word.
She cares & loves me a lot,
But never shows it off.
Whenever she shows her love,
She seems sweeter than sugar.
But when she asks me to do work,
I find red chilli in her,
Because I hate doing work,
especially when a maid is hired.
Sometimes she becomes naughty like salt,
And behaves like a child making fault,
Which I love the most.
Whenever she cries,
My heart bursts from inside,
Due to my immense love for her.
This Mother's Day,
I'm going to show her my love towards her,
And ready to receive the double and triple from her.

It was a tribute to her for her unconditional love and affection for her family, that I presented to her on Mother's day, years ago. It was at the time I hardly knew the ABC of poetry but see, when I sat with a pen and paper to write poem for mom, words spontaneously kept coming in my mind (actually, heart would be more appropriate). That's the magic and power of Love and the word Mother. The best moment was seeing that beautiful smile and tears of joy in mom's eye when she read the poem. Unforgettable it was. Hope you too liked my poem too though it was bit childish.
Also, sharing with you all the poem I have written for mom as this year's Mother's day present.

My mother so beautiful,
From within and out.
An epitome of love, grace and strength,
Whose only focus is wellbeing of us.
Having experienced the broken femur of her infant twice,
She had her heart out in her hands,
Every time her kid cried.
Would her kid be able to walk,
Was her concern all day long.
But God knew the purest heart of mom,
And He blessed her kid with strength to walk and run.
That kid is none other than me myself.
My mom gave me every happiness of the world,
Even those that I didn't ask her for.
Mothers are the most beautiful creations of God.
She is the Angel who never leaves your hand,
And always there to wish only the well for you.
Her life is her family, and her family her life,
Always Love & Respect your Mother,
To enjoy the joys of Heaven here on the Earth.

The word Mother is an all-in-one synonym of love, care, affection, trust, dependence, peace and Heaven. Doesn't matter how old you are, just placing your head in mother's lap makes you forget the world and its worries. It is the safest place on the Earth.
I would conclude by saying only that always keep your parents happy and give them as much love and respect as you are capable of. If Mom's the Earth, Dad is the sky. They complete our world in a way no one else can ever do.

Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day with a Big Thanks to all the mothers, and to those fathers who play the roles of both, mom & dad. God Bless you Angels!


  1. Why do we still want to appease those who abandoned us?
    Because we are blinded by emotions.
    Emotions that gives us hope.
    Hope that they will come back for us.
    Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't and they never come back. (;_;)


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