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My Biggest Inspiration

First of all a Very Warm Welcome to My Blog Rajni Ma'am. I really don't know where to start from. I've so much to say but still I'm in short of words to express my gratitude. This Post is for you ma'am, just for you. A small tribute for being my teacher and my biggest inspiration.

I never told you but it were only you who inspired me throughout my school life. I really found you strict when I entered seventh grade and met you as our English Language Teacher. I was punished for not doing homework and assignments as I was never a regular student & that you know very well but believe me, I accepted those punishments happily always, I never cursed you for punishing me. I knew you were doing all that for our bright future. I was among the students who had Poorest English and look you improved my English to a level that today I'm capable of writing this for you. I owe half of my life to you Ma'am. I really hope you read it someday. I want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for being in my life. I still have so much to write but I hope I do not make any grammatical or any other errors. Please ignore/correct them if I do.

I still remember the day when you appreciated my Eleventh Grade exam paper in front of all the students of commerce section and one student came running to library in search of me and told me the whole scene. I was jumping with joy and my happiness had no limitations. You admired my exam paper in front of the whole class.Wow! That was one of the most beautiful moments of my school life. I don't know what you  exactly said but I remember the words that student told me. 
I remember the day when it was our first test after we entered eleventh class, and you were distributing the checked answer sheets... Many students went to you with their answer sheets to get some grace marks but I didn't.. When the period bell rang and you were about to leave the classroom, you said "if Shilpa had asked for grace, I would happily give her as her Notice (writing skill) content was really good but she didn't". Ma'am that one or a half mark could never give me the amount of happiness and confidence that your words gave. Thank you Ma'am. I was never ever possessive for marks. I was always happy with whatever marks or grades I got, but those words of appreciation especially those I received from you are my assets and my most beautiful memories. Other cheerful moment was when you warned me to stay away from Pooja and Diksha in front of them as else they'd spoil me and I used to stand there grinning at them. We all knew you never meant to say that but you always did that to create joy. I still smile the widest when I recall those moments.

I directly jumped to eleventh grade, I have skipped many classes in between out of which I want to share one from Ninth grade. Every time you felt I was losing the track you always warned me saying, "Shall I call Anil Sir and complain to him?". Haha! I always found that very cute. I knew you'll never complain to him and you said so just to warn me though in a comic way.

Best time spent with you was when you used to come to class and we realised you're not going to teach us that day. You didn't teach us (regular lessons) in those classes but those classes used to be really productive and highly motivating as you shared your life experiences with us and gave us moral values in those classes. They were the classes we used to hear each and every word you spoke. I really mean it Ma'am. I can never forget those days. You were not only our teacher but you were our best friend. Again Thank You for being our inspiration Ma'am
"To Teach Is Great but To Inspire Is Divine"

Next comes the worst part of my school life when that Grumpy daughter of the chairman of our School separated us from you and ordered you to teach other classes. That was the most saddening moment. We started our 12th Grade studies without you as our teacher. :( After a few days a thought struck my mind, "Why not protest against faculties to get Rajni Ma'am Back? Ain't it the time for a pay-back for so much she did for us in past 5 years". But as you know I was always a shy kid mostly sitting quite in class, My thoughts remained thoughts and could never gather the courage to speak up my mind. Huh! I was badly heart-broken of not having you around us. Your voice used to echo in the corridor but there was no such echo afterwards. I wanted to hear your echo. Our visit to first and second floors of the school was prohibited and we wanted to kick that silly girl (I have No respect for her). One day when I went to library and a teacher asked me to call a student from sixth grade & I met you there. Thoughts started emerging into my mind on seeing you after a long time. I so wanted to say it loud, "Ma'am we NEED you back, Please come back Ma'am" and then someone yelled my name and called me back and once again my thoughts remained thoughts. I could never transform my thoughts into actions. I guess that was the last time I saw you and then I never saw you ever again :'( Everything ended up! Sorry Ma'am for giving this a sad ending but that's what we actually got. I REALLY MISS YOU Ma'am. 


I Hope you like it Ma'am. This is a small tribute for all your love and affection towards your students. Please give my regards to Narendra Sir, The most strict teacher I ever saw and I remember I used to shiver while talking to him but still tell him I remember & use all the techniques of Art he taught us in those few classes I actually attended and I also remember his Amazing Photography. :)


  1. awesome blog..touched my heart..never met rajni ma'am..but i m sure she must be a great person and a teacher as well. loved this blog

  2. Thank you so much. Yes! She is indeed a GREAT Person. Today I'm able to write this blog only because of her.

  3. Awesome one Shilpa you are lucky . . . very lucky to have lovely teachers in your life. . m glad . . .very glad for you :) I could feel you beside me while reading this one.... :)

  4. Thanks a ton Kinj for such beautiful words.. :)

  5. Shilpa your teachers r lucky to have u as their student.N your Maam'll b vry proud of u.u knw i was too very quite n shy type in mi school days,cud nevr express mi feelings to mi teachers bt 'Leo' maam easily undrstood mi problms n solve them.I'm missing her.

  6. Okay! Yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog post.. My personal favt. of all the blog posts :) Ma'am, you're the most most most Amazing teacher any student can ever have. You're a teacher BEYOND PERFECTION. I will always be thankful to you for being so very important part of my life.


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