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Little Birdies

Approximately a month ago, a little bird started building a nest in my Balcony. I used to watch her everyday   making her beautiful nest. I left some soft stems and all on my terrace from where she usually collected everything she needed to make her nest. My mom kept some grains and water for her to feed upon.  Gradually she made a really nice and a medium bowl sized nest. After some days, she laid eggs in that nest. She used to sit in her home sweet home for hours and hours. I used to watch her and cherish those beautiful moments.

On May 2nd 2013, Three little birdies came out of the eggs and my mom observed them. They took their head out of the nest when their mommy bird brought them something to feed. They were red colored borne to black colored couple. I managed to click a pic but that is quite blurred as I took picture from a distance as I didn't want to disturb them. This pic is of the same day. That's mumma bird, their nest and the red colored new born babies :)

Now, the babies have grown up. They're capable of flying and have came out of their Nest. The Daddy bird has become all the way Over-protective and tries to attack anyone who passes by his baby birds or their Nest. He has attacked me twice, my brother thrice and once each of my two cousins. I used to love the way mumma bird fed them and took care of them but Now, I've developed kinda fear and I'm afraid of going near their nest. The nest is at a place where we need to pass by many times in a day and the daddy bird tries to shoo away anyone who tries to come near to their nest. Arghhh.. I know he is protective and wants no harm to his kids but we are taking care of them for so long.This shows ANIMALS ARE MORE PROTECTIVE THAN HUMANS. Anyways, Posting another picture, this is when the two li'l birdies learnt flying and sitting on the bark whereas the third one is still inside the nest. Mumma and daddy birdies were away and I clicked their picture :D

And the last picture, I clicked this in the morning, all the three little birdies are capable of flying and are sitting on the bark, out of their nest :)
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  1. Loved it yes animals are over-protective ...perhaps b/c they hav left trusting humans n other people around :( Everyone must come up to help them after all they too are "souls" who are completing thr journey the way god wishes :)

    1. Yeah! Right. That's the reason even though they tried to attack me I never want them to leave my house ever :)

  2. nice 1 shilpa :) keep it up


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